Training & Development

There are many compelling reasons to engage in training. Our workforce is central to the success of our business and training is a way of sending a clear message of their importance to employees. Also, there are health and safety considerations which are relevant to the industry and which need to be addressed by training. Another incentive for up-skilling employees is to enable us to compete at the top end of the market where highly technical skills are required.

As our core business is Contract Cleaning we have developed intensive training undertaken in conjunction with FAS and the Irish Institute of Cleaning Science, ALL our Staff are trained at the NUI to the highest standards by Solar

Training one of the countries leading Training companies for the cleaning industry. General our operative complete stage one of the course which comprises of the following:

1. Cleaning Operators Proficiency Certificate (COPC) Stage 1

- Chemical Competence               - Spray Cleaning

- Machines; Safe use and care      - Machine Scrubbing and Drying

- Storage of equipment                 - Suction Cleaning

- Mop Sweeping                          - Wall Washing

- Single solution Mopping             - Window Cleaning

- Buffing                                       - Cleaning Basin/baths/showers/bidets

2. Cleaning Operators Proficiency Certificate (COPC) Stage 2

3. Food Premises Cleaning Certificate (FPCC)

4. Training the Trainer Course (ALL Management at Premier Team have completed this stage)

As mentioned above ALL our cleaners would have completed stage one and as you can see it is the most important stage that is relevant to Premium Cleaning Services & Facilities and to the area which we would be more focused. All staff will be trained to ICS Standards, Which is the highest of Standards currently in the country.

With tight supervision on a continuous basis there is always training available to our operative.



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